OriGigs Music & Artist Booking Agency

About Us

OriGigs connects top-class bands, musicians & talent with venues, brands & businesses in Asia & beyond. Our purpose is to deliver the type of live entertainment that is geared to tells stories & create memorable events; live entertainment that enables you to reach & engage with new audiences.

A registered Booking Agency in Bangkok, we have a dynamic roster of music & talent which is supported by a global partner network of venues, promoters, agencies & production companies. Our talent roster traverses Headline Acts to up-and-coming artists; Bands, Singers & Musicians, DJs, Circus Acts & more.

What We Do

Our Bangkok booking agency is designed to enable talent buyers, event planners and brands to find and book the right artists, talent and live entertainment for their venue, audience and budget.

Our team has experience on both sides of the fence. We have team members who have worked in venue management, as promoters and as top level event planners. We understand what audiences want and what venues, promoters and event planners need. Our role is to help you find and book the right music & talent for your audience, at the right price for your budget.

We help you secure live entertainment, for your venue, event or festival, that excites your existing audience and attracts new followers.

We connect brands and talent to new audiences by identifying opportunities and finding creative ways to engage them.

We offer full service tour management in Asia for bands, musicians, singers & talent. Our tour management services include shipping, flights and accommodation as well as managing payment schedules, contracts and terms detailed in the artist’ rider.

Our Journey

Registered in Thailand since 2009, OriGigs is owned and managed by ZiZ Asia Entertainment. Over the years we have produced & provided performers for events of all sizes from high profile summits to experiential flash mobs. Performing arts is a passion. We understand what audiences want and what our clients need. We also have our finger-on-the-pulse where our artists’ are concerned and what they need before they can 100% to deliver a perfect performance.

Our Bangkok talent booking agency focuses on music & talent with a roster of top-class artists & talent. Our clients work with us to book live entertainment for their venues, events, parties & occasions, corporate, private & commercial. Contact us to connect with the right acts for your event; passionate, professional, interactive & entirely engaging …

We are selected by leading brands, corporations, hospitality sites/venues, attractions, private clientele, and marketing firms that seek highly creative solutions for their special events and endeavors.

The Origins of OriGigs

Adrian GE, Founder & Director

It all began with elephants believe it or not! While I always loved going to concerts and the theatre when I was growing up and had the odd dream of one-day being behind large productions, that was all it was … a dream.

In the meantime I was lucky enough to land a perfect job in Africa, a boys-own adventure, translocating animals from one location to another with a family that also ran other businesses such as a very exclusive game lodge, crocodile farm and more.

I had been to Sri Lanka when I was 14 but knew very little about Asia. I responded to an advert for a job in Thailand posted by a company that purported to be proactively involved in elephant conservation. When I arrived, however, it was a far cry from my African experience and “conservation” seemed to have been interpreted more as “mass tourism”. That job didn’t last long but while I was there I was contacted by a production company in Bangkok who needed elephants for a beach fashion shoot.

To cut a long story short, the fashion shoot proceeded and I followed the company back to Bangkok and worked with them until the financial crises of 1997 took hold. I then returned to the UK and worked for Earls Court & Olympia in London before returning to Bangkok and the same company in 2001, and the rest, as they say, is history!

I have been based permanently in Thailand since 2001 in an event planning career that has been studded with high profile summits and conferences and one which has taken me throughout Asia. I launched ZiZ Asia Entertainment in 2009 as a registered company in Bangkok and our in-house entertainment agency in 2013. The introduction of a booking agency came about for 2 reasons; 1) my love and passion for performing arts and, 2) the challenges we always faced trying to find & book top class live entertainment for events.

While the problem is a long way from being fixed, it is our mission to be a highly influential player in providing a fast & efficient solution that showcases artists who have put in the hard work so that clients can easily find, review and book them for their venues, events and audiences.

I hope that you will join us on our journey as a highly valued partner, whether you are an artist, group or troupe, booking client, venue or event service. Our vision is neither complicated nor blurred and we have a very clear strategy in place which has been designed to convey us to our goals.

We live in very fast-paced times with changes happening around us with alarming regularity. The demand for artists, talent & event entertainment will increase as we move deeper into the 21st century. It will also become more and more innovative and that is exciting!

About Us / 5 Goals

1. Provide the best.

2. Help Others Succeed.

3. Make Finding & Booking Performers in Asia Easier.
4. Promote Asia Live Entertainment Locally, Regionally & Internationally.
5. Promote International Entertainers & Performing Artists on the Asian Circuit.

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