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Browse our Performer FAQ’s for Artists who would like to join our Asia roster. A Bangkok booking agency, we generate opportunities for top class performers including event bookings, tours, residential work & productions.


Performer FAQ – Some common questions about OriGigs.


Can any performer add their profile on

Our performing artist roster is both moderated & curated. Any act can apply to join from anywhere in the world. Your application will be reviewed and if, in our opinion, your act fits the market & clients we serve in Asia, you will be invited to publish your profile.

Do we have to pay for profiles on OriGigs?

No. Our standard performer profile is completely free. However, to protect our business interests, we will change your official Act name and branded media (photos and videos with logos, your act name, contact details etc) is not permitted.

If you would prefer prospective clients to contact you directly with booking requests, this is also possible for a small monthly subscription fee (less than a cup of coffee at a certain household name coffee shop).

What makes OriGigs a different Entertainment Agency?

A Bangkok Entertainment Agency, OriGigs focuses on generating engagements in Asia. Team members have been working in the business here since 2001. We have the contacts & partners to make things happen. We leverage our network for the mutual success of all concerned in the chain.

We promote Asian acts to international clients and broker engagements for international acts on the Asian event circuit. We are an Asia-focused Entertainment Agency in Bangkok serving a regional event, hospitality and media network that continues to expand year-on-year.

What are your terms of Agency Representation?

Unless clearly agreed & stated otherwise, our Terms of Representation are “Non Exclusive” which means that we make no guarantees to you, the artist, in terms of confirmed bookings over a set period of time &that you are free to appoint other agents as you wish.

Do we have to publish a profile to join your Talent Roster?

Yes. If you don’t have a live profile on OriGigs & opt into receiving relevant emails from us, you will not receive notification of opportunities from us.

What if our Act is not based in Asia?

You are still very welcome to apply to join the OriGigs Roster. In fact we encourage you to do so. We do fly acts in for Gigs & performances & also may be able to offer you residential contracts too.


How do I create my OriGigs Act Profile?

STEP 1 You can skip straight to Step 2 but if you would like us to preview your act before you fill out the Profile Form, please send your profile to us at

STEP 2 Create an account on OriGigs & complete your profile:

To complete your profile, you will need the following information

  1. Introduction – A short introduction to your act
  2. Profile – A full description of your act
  3. Previous Clients – A list of previous clients / events that you have performed for
  4. USP’s – “Unique Selling Points” – Why clients should book your act. What sets you apart from other performers? Any creative innovations that make your act unique.
  5. Images – Image gallery (images with branding will be deleted)
  6. Reel – A short Video Clip (ideally less than 3 mins) of your act / performance

STEP 3: Submit your act for review. We will then publish & promote your profile to generate booking requests for you.

Why do you change Act Names on Published Profiles?

We reserve the right to market or advertise your act under a slightly different name at our discretion and we do this to protect us from clients contacting you directly via internet search or otherwise.

What are the Do's & Dont's of free OriGigs Profiles?

Do understand that we are a Booking Agency and that represents our Talent Roster. We do expect high standards in all respects.

We are giving you the opportunity to showcase your Act in the very best light to our clients. We want to provide you with opportunities & income for mutual success. Submitting sub standard profiles wastes our time and yours especially when we are very willing to help you create the best possible profile.

We will not accept profiles that contain any links, active or otherwise. OriGigs is our Talent Roster not a free-for-all online Directory.

Other than that we are pretty flexible & here to achieve mutual success. We are very willing to work with you to that end.

How do prospective clients contact us?

All booking requests will be sent to our booking agents at OriGigs who will then forward them onto you and continue to liaise between you and the client until the contract is signed and engagement confirmed. We will then connect you directly with the client.

Can our profile on OriGigs have our official Act Name?

Yes, there are 2 ways this can be achieved:

  1. Exclusive Contract for SE Asia – If you are signed to be managed exclusively by OriGigs (ZiZ Asia), your profile will feature your actual act name.
  2. Paid Subscriptions – If there is no exclusive contract existing between us but you would still like to have your official act name (with an option to add your contact details too), that is also possible for a small monthly subscription (less than a cup of coffee at a certain high street coffee shop).As your official Act name will enable clients to contact you directly we do this to protect our business interests. You will still be notified by our team about opportunities if you opt into receiving our Artist Newsletter (recommended),
What support do you offer for paid subscriptions?

If you opt for a paid subscription your profile becomes a “Listing” which means that clients are able to contact you directly. This means that you can do business with prospective clients with without our mediation.

If you opt into receiving our newsletter & job alerts (recommended), you will still receive opportunities from us. We can, on request, also act as mediators between you and any client, complete with contract templates & our brokerage service, but that is optional.


How does OriGigs promote its Artists?

Our strength is in leveraging our network; Artists, Venues, Production Companies … which we do to generate mutual success for all concerned in the chain.

Hence, our primary focus is the continued development, management and maintenance of our partner network.

The marketing tools we use include websites, social media platforms (facebook, instagram, twitter), video marketing, email marketing, PR & more.

Who do we contract with for confirmed Gigs?

ZiZ Asia Co Ltd (Company Number: 0105552025210), the company that owns & manages the website, acts as both an Employment Agency and an Employment Business. Simply put, when acting as an Agency, ZiZ Asia negotiates and distributes contracts between the hirer and you (the artist). Your contract is therefore with your hirer (Booking Client) and not with us. When acting as a Business, your contract is with us. We are therefore party to the deal, have a contract with you (the Artist) and we have a separate contract with the Hirer / Booking Client involved.

Under our standard terms, the end contract for any given engagement brokered through ZiZ Asia is between you, the Act, and the Booking Client and not ZiZ Asia

There are certain circumstances though when the contracts are made between the Artist, Booking and ZiZ Asia although we only usually do this if we have been contracted to do the event management for that particular engagement.

Whether your contract is with us or the Booking Client we do ensure that the interests of all parties are as much as possible protected. If your profile is a paid subscription and we have not been involved in any negotiation between you (the Act) and your Client, we play no part in any contractual arrangement between you and the client and therefore are absolved, without exception, from all responsibility.

Can you fix up Travel Visas & Work Permits?

If you are under contract with us (your contract is with ZiZ Asia) and to perform in a stated country requires a work permit we will arrange temporary work permits for you and your act.

If your contract is with the end client, it is the client’s responsibility to furnish you and your act with a work permit for the duration of your employment period.

Travel visas are typically your responsibility to arrange and should be included as an expense item in your proposal and/or hospitality / travel rider. Letters of Invitation can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Asia Gigs

What type of Engagements do you offer?

Artists & Acts listed on our roster can expect to receive requests for Corporate Events, Private Parties, marketing campaigns & media productions in Asia. If, while creating your profile, you have indicated that you are interested in residential contracts (hotels & resorts, clubs, bars, casinos & cruise ships), you will also receive related opportunities.

Acts listed on our roster are also regularly considered for tours & productions. These are strictly by invitation only and we will inform selected performers of auditions as they arise.

Do we need Visas & Work Permits to Perform in Asia?

Visa requirements for Asian countries depend on your nationality and it is vital to check visa requirements well in advance of travelling.

If you are performing in Asia in any capacity you will more than likely need a Temporary Work Permit. Again the requirements are different for each country.

Generally, Artist will be responsible for obtaining Travel Visas. The party responsible for obtaining work permits depends on the contract setup and will be advised on contract completion.

Does OriGigs only offer Gigs in Asia?

Our focus is on the Asia market so if you are looking for work in North America or Europe we are probably not for you.

Very occasionally we may offer opportunities further afield though (placing Asia performers overseas, touring etc) but this should be considered a bonus rather than the norm.

What if we are only interested in Residential Contracts?

No problem. You will still need to create a profile. The profile has a section asking about the type of gigs you are interested in which includes residential work. Simply check the “residential” box and opt into receiving email alerts from us and we will send you residential opportunities as we receive them.

Still need help? Send us a note!

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