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Take the next step with your upcoming event, private party or experiential marketing campaign! Dance is one of the oldest form of human expression and today there is an endless list of shapes and sizes to choose from cultural dances that celebrate traditions to ultra futuristic dance routines with pinpoint choreography such as Tron or multi-media combinations. Whether you want to set the tempo with an upbeat Jazz or Cover Dance, the scene with classical Thai or Bollywood, or feature a sideshow with a belly dancer or even pole dance, we have the right professional dancers in Asia for you.

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  • Asia Cultural Dancers
  • Ballet Dancers
  • Ballroom Dancers
  • Belly Dancers
  • Bollywood Dancers
  • Break Dancers
  • Burlesque Entertainers
  • Contemporary Dancers
  • Coyote Dancers
  • Dance Troupes
  • Dancers
  • Fire Dancers
  • Flamenco Dancers
  • Hip Hop Dancers
  • Hula Dancers
  • Irish Dancers
  • Jazz Dancers
  • Latin Dancers
  • Modern Dancers
  • Pole Dancers
  • Salsa Dancers
  • Square Dancers
  • Tango Dancers
  • Tap Dancers
  • Thai Dancers

Booking a Dance Performance

Choosing the right event entertainment begins with defining your desired outcomes and objectives. Once you have a clear vision then the components required to achieve your outcome will fall into place easily. With your desired outcomes listed and clear, think about the 3 key aspects of your event to narrow down options:


Event Theme

If your event has a theme or subject then dance acts can be chosen to match, compliment & amplify it. Perhaps you are celebrating a past era which calls for some vintage glamour or your subject is “innovation” which will require a futuristic interpretation. Take some time to find dancers that perfectly fit your event theme.



The beauty of dance is that there is something for everyone that will appeal to all ages, event types & brands. But it is still vital to know your audience & be very clear on the message or vibe that needs to be communicated. Personalize the audience experience with bespoke choreography, costume, multimedia & more.



Why do you want to hire dancers? Each dance style or genre will affect your audience in different ways. Ballet & contemporary dance can represent prestige, jazz & cover dance, a youthful, cool image or Bollywood and Flash Mobs for audience interaction. Profile your audience to define the dancers you need.

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