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High Performance Decade Style Acts for Asia Event Entertainment.

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Bangkok Female Emcee
Based: thailand
Tri Luminous Stage Show
Based: germany
Bangkok Sax Man
Based: thailand
OriGigs RnB & Pop Singer
Based: ukraine
Sonny Jo Music Duo
Based: thailand
Flying Forties France Duo
Based: switzerland
1950s Retr0 Vocal Trio
Based: united kingdom
Visual Poi Performer
Based: czech republic
Cirque Acrobat Duet
Based: poland
Swing Cats Bang
Based: united states
Bollywood Dance Group
Based: united kingdom
Thailand LED Tron Dance
Based: thailand

OriGigs Decade Style Acts

Choosing acts and performers based on the decade styles they represent can really help elevate your event theme or marketing message. As event designers we often create new takes on past decades. We dig deep into the past to discover inspiration for the future. Turn up the tempo with a 1920’s theme; think Gatsby glamour, New Orleans Jazz and Dixieland, Bee’s Knees cocktails, prohibition, black and gold accents with plenty of plumage and golden-age travel images. Zooming into the 1930’s & 40’s, the music is more Jazz and big band against a Hollywood Regency design scheme. The 1050’s brought Rock n’ Roll and doo-wop infused with pastel colours and kitschy touches. Then came the Swinging 60’s & the Summer of Love with Pop and Folk Rock, psychedelic patters, reflective surfaces and a dash of futuristic, space-age design. The 70’s were defined with disco & funk and the 80’s with New Wave and Dance Pop.


OriGigs Decade Style Entertainment

  • 1920s Era
  • 1930s Era
  • 1940s Era
  • 1950s Era
  • 1960s Era
  • 1970s Era
  • 1980s Era
  • 1990s Era
  • 2000s Era
  • Futuristic

Booking Decade Style Entertainers

Setting the scene at your event with decade styles entertainment is fun, interactive and packed with options. Decade style entertainment might be most closely related to music genres but this is not where the buck stops! Champagne aerialists can add prestige to any 20’s themed event and dance styles and genres can also be decade specific. Some decade style entertainment is geared for adult-only audiences. Be sure to know your audience and objectives then have a ball creating the look, feel & ambiance you need to deliver ultimate success!


Event Theme

If your event has a theme or subject then dance acts can be chosen to match, compliment & amplify it. Perhaps you are celebrating a past era which calls for some vintage glamour or your subject is “innovation” which will require a futuristic interpretation. Take some time to find dancers that perfectly fit your event theme.



The beauty of dance is that there is something for everyone that will appeal to all ages, event types & brands. But it is still vital to know your audience & be very clear on the message or vibe that needs to be communicated. Personalize the audience experience with bespoke choreography, costume, multimedia & more.



Why do you want to hire dancers? Each dance style or genre will affect your audience in different ways. Ballet & contemporary dance can represent prestige, jazz & cover dance, a youthful, cool image or Bollywood and Flash Mobs for audience interaction. Profile your audience to define the dancers you need.

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