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High Performance Unique & Specialty Acts for Asia Event Entertainment.

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Bangkok Female Emcee
Based: thailand
Tri Luminous Stage Show
Based: germany
Bangkok Sax Man
Based: thailand
OriGigs RnB & Pop Singer
Based: ukraine
Sonny Jo Music Duo
Based: thailand
Flying Forties France Duo
Based: switzerland
1950s Retr0 Vocal Trio
Based: united kingdom
Visual Poi Performer
Based: czech republic
Cirque Acrobat Duet
Based: poland
Swing Cats Bang
Based: united states
Bollywood Dance Group
Based: united kingdom
Thailand LED Tron Dance
Based: thailand

OriGigs Unique & Specialty Acts

There are times when something out-of-the-ordinary is required, acts that are sizzling with surprise, performances that specialize in delivering the unexpected, shows that energize & delight. This is when it’s time to turn to Unique & Specialty Acts on OriGigs, the source of fun, exciting & unique specialty Asia Entertainment.

Unique & Specialty acts is a catch-all category for all that is different, specialist & even bizarre. If you are looking for a specific act or one that has pushed the boundaries from the norm to extra-ordinary, this is probably where you will find the live entertainment you are looking for.

OriGigs Unique & Specialty Entertainment

  • Balloon Twisters
  • Bicycle Acts
  • BMX Freestyle
  • Bubble Entertainment
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Children’s Entertainers
  • Corporate Entertainers
  • Costumed Characters
  • Transgender Acts
  • Educational
  • Family Entertainment
  • Fire Performers
  • Fortune Tellers
  • Freestyle Footballers
  • Futuristic Acts
  • Game Shows
  • Historical Characters
  • Holiday Entertainment
  • Human Installations
  • Hypnotists
  • LED Performers
  • Medieval Entertainment
  • Martial Arts
  • Mermaid Entertainment
  • Mimes
  • Motorcycle Acts
  • Musical Comedy Acts
  • Outdoor Entertainment
  • Psychic Entertainment
  • Puppet Shows
  • Robotic Entertainment
  • Roving Acts
  • Sci-Fi Characters
  • Silhouette Artists
  • Strolling Tables
  • Stunt Acts
  • Superhero Parties
  • Tarot Readers
  • Tea Ceremonies
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Variety Entertainers
  • Wedding Entertainers

Booking Unique & Specialty Acts

There are times when the ordinary just wont cut it and your event calls for acts & entertainment that is a bit more “out-of-the-box”, that stretches the boundaries while capturing the attention of your audience with positive engagement. Fashion shows & experiential marketing campaigns are notorious for delivering this style of content with BIG impact. To do it effectively you must be crystal clear about your objectives & your audience or target market. Review acts & entertainers based on style. If the style fits your concept then contact us at OriGigs to start a dialogue with the artist to custom produce an act based on your exact requirements. It’s exciting & if you truly understand your audience, the writing-on-the-wall will be your ROI.


The Act

Browse OriGigs to find the style of act & entertainer that fits your event. Talk to us before committing to the act about possible integrations that could add a unique & specialty turbo-boost to the act; logo integration, endorsement, subliminal messaging & more. Most acts & performers are willing to customize.



Really focus on doing the ground-work regarding your chosen venue when lining-up extra-ordinary acts. Are they allowed to perform there? Is there sufficient space? Will special permissions have to be granted? This seems obvious but is so often overlooked resulting in dollars being wasted through lack of planning.



Your audience is the bottom line in all cases. The more that you can profile them the better. Truly understand who they are, what gets them excited & what turns them off. Then & only then can you start tailoring campaigns to their needs & talking to our team & your chosen entertainers to ensure that expectations are reached.

Do You Perform Unique & Specialty Acts?

Apply to join the OriGigs Roster for Performing Artists & Entertainers. We focus on booking Acts for event entertainment and productions in Asia. We also bring together performers to create touring stage shows & productions.

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