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Bangkok Female Emcee
Based: thailand
Tri Luminous Stage Show
Based: germany
Bangkok Sax Man
Based: thailand
OriGigs RnB & Pop Singer
Based: ukraine
Sonny Jo Music Duo
Based: thailand
Flying Forties France Duo
Based: switzerland
1950s Retr0 Vocal Trio
Based: united kingdom
Visual Poi Performer
Based: czech republic
Cirque Acrobat Duet
Based: poland
Swing Cats Bang
Based: united states
Bollywood Dance Group
Based: united kingdom
Thailand LED Tron Dance
Based: thailand

Hire Event People & Promoters

Event Heroes are those people and personalities that you recruit to ensure that your audience is kept engaged, your message properly conveyed & that you are on course to achieve and exceed your objectives. Think Emcees (MC’s), Brand Ambassadors, Influencers, Models & more!

Producing a successful event involves managing many moving parts, and there is a lot at stake; audience engagement & satisfaction, your corporate or brand identity, the ability to meet $amp; preferably exceed expectations, & on-wards. All events require a management team who work tirelessly behind the scenes before, during & after the occasion. But then there are the group of experienced “audience-facing” personalities, from Emcees & Masters of Ceremony to Brand Ambassadors & Influencers, Hostesses, Promoters, Models & more. Choosing the right person for the job is vital & with the right formula in place, such personalities can become not just Event Heroes, but advocates & champions for your message & objectives.

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  • Presenters
  • Product Demonstrators
  • Promotional Staff
  • Roadshow Professionals

Booking Event People & Promoters

The fundamentals remain the same for selecting Event Heroes as they do for Entertainers & Musical Acts; you have to tailor your hires to the event’s location, atmosphere, and audience. Making the right choice is entirely founded on a thorough knowledge of your goals, brand & event location. With this information in-hand you will be able to make the right choices based on personality, personal style, looks, language capabilities, on-line presence & many other factors.


Client Knowledge

If you are hosting & producing the event then you will know the values, tastes & expectations critical for success. If you are representing a client you need to know this thoroughly. Knowing the “look & feel” that the client requires is the first foundation block that must be properly laid to ensure success. More edgy with tattoos or ultra conservative, formal, theatrical or street?


Defining Goals

A clear understanding of your goals & expectations will determine the profile of event hero you need; more sales orientated, entertainment, or hospitality. Make sure that your candidates are comfortable with the task-in-hand beit entertaining large crowds, being a brand ambassador or generating leads. Pairing the right staff with your event goals is vital.


Audience Size

Audience size determines how your event heroes engage. Smaller events require people able to interact easily on a one-to-one basis, while larger events, people who can hold the audiences attention. It isn’t easy to find people talented at both. If they come from a hospitality background they may be better for smaller groups; a performance background, larger groups.


Target Audience

If you don’t know who your Event Hero is being asked to connect with (i.e. the audience), you wont be able to book the right person for the job. It is vital that Event Heroes hired can relate to the audience otherwise your strategy is flawed. What knowledge do you need your Event Heroes to have – language skills, local insights, tech understanding, industry terms, etc?


Interview Checklist

Develop an interview checklist to ensure that all parties involved are kept on-script. Questions should be geared to evaluate whether the potential Event Hero is a good fit for the Client, the Brand & the Location. Potential questions might focus on experience, brand knowledge, willingness to become a brand advocate, candidates schedule flexibility, etc.


Communicate Needs

Have an open dialogue with candidates regarding the demands of the event. If you require your Event Hero to be performing for 12 straight hours, be sure they are aware of it. Does your brief accurately & succinctly describe your expectations? Pre-screen & create a shortlist of candidates who could fulfill your needs – keep it as a reference for future events.

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