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Bangkok Female Emcee
Based: thailand
Tri Luminous Stage Show
Based: germany
Bangkok Sax Man
Based: thailand
OriGigs RnB & Pop Singer
Based: ukraine
Sonny Jo Music Duo
Based: thailand
Flying Forties France Duo
Based: switzerland
1950s Retr0 Vocal Trio
Based: united kingdom
Visual Poi Performer
Based: czech republic
Cirque Acrobat Duet
Based: poland
Swing Cats Bang
Based: united states
Bollywood Dance Group
Based: united kingdom
Thailand LED Tron Dance
Based: thailand

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Let the vinyl spin and get your party going with some of the coolest DJ’s on the circuit! From festivals to corporate events, the DJ scene in Asia is booming and embraces a wide variety of music styles; pop, party, soul, funk, Motown & more.

If there is one artist category that has totally reinvented itself since the 1990’s the DJ is it and many of today’s DJ’s tour the world playing anywhere from clubs, festivals, product launches along with many other media projects and event marketing campaigns. Some are chart-topping with A-list celebrity status to match but it is the underground sound that consistently releases the endorphins! OriGigs DJs provide first class entertainment in a wide range of music styles & formats. Get the party started, keep the dance floor gyrating or set the ambiance for your catwalk show – this is the versatility when you hire DJs.

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Booking DJs

The same rules apply when choosing the right DJ for your event or media production as they for all music entertainment. Imagine kicking off a Monday morning with a dose of deep house. It may not be the ideal choice for those in high pressure, demanding careers. But on Friday a playlist of the funkiest jams is called for to get you in the mood for partying. This is the power of music & good DJs can set the tone, mood, ambiance & tempo at your function and, therefore, have a huge influence on audience engagement & enjoyment.


Event Theme

An avant-garde fashion show may opt for a mixed instrumental DJ duo to set the ambiance & mood for their collection. For wedding parties, the Bride & Groom may want to design the playlist to include deeply personal tracks. For corporate events, the onus is more on psychology; using the music style as a vehicle to reach the event’s objectives.



Size Does Matter … with audio. That the sound equipment at your event is top quality & suitable for the space is vital for success. Audio quality affects audience engagement while knowing your audience will dictate the style of music that you choose & the DJs personality; if you have a fast-paced event full of energy, be sure the DJs personality matches that tone.



Have you listed the purpose & objectives of your event? When this has been done & agreed with all vested-interest parties then you can tackle the style of music that will fit the occasion & your budget. Don’t base your final decision on budget alone though. Professional DJ’s are experienced. They will not have the lowest price tag & may get booked up months in advance.

Are You a DJ?

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