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Bangkok Female Emcee
Based: thailand
Tri Luminous Stage Show
Based: germany
Bangkok Sax Man
Based: thailand
OriGigs RnB & Pop Singer
Based: ukraine
Sonny Jo Music Duo
Based: thailand
Flying Forties France Duo
Based: switzerland
1950s Retr0 Vocal Trio
Based: united kingdom
Visual Poi Performer
Based: czech republic
Cirque Acrobat Duet
Based: poland
Swing Cats Bang
Based: united states
Bollywood Dance Group
Based: united kingdom
Thailand LED Tron Dance
Based: thailand

Hire World Music Acts

What in the world is world music? Alternatively referred to as global music or international music, we define our world music category as being “music that combines and encompasses many different styles of music from around the globe”. As our focus is specifically on Asia Live Entertainment, our emphasis is on “Asian Music” and this unlocks a font of treasures & delights that can be infused in productions big & small.

Many clients tell us that they don’t want any cultural shows at their event, that they are looking for “something new, something different”. Based in Southeast Asia for decades we entirely understand that the formula served at many 4 & 5 star hotels across the region becomes a little tired after you have seen it once. But world music &, more specifically, Asian music has all the ingredients in the right creative hands to deliver something truly new, unexpected & exceptional.

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Booking World Music

If you are looking for something truly different for your production, there is no better place to start than our World Music Roster which includes musicians, bands & groups as well as singers. This roster has the ability to securely anchor your event to a particular destination, event theme or marketing message World music & singers can be expected or totally unexpected.

The movie “Slumdog Millionaire” (2008) put the “Bhangra” genre on the global stage, while “Bollywood” has become a catchphrase for event themes. K-Pop, originating from South Korea, is a modern form of South Korean pop that is influenced by styles and genres from around the world. K-Pop now enjoys a global following & has been the catalyst for many western labels setting up in Asia. Household name productions, such as those produced by Cirque du Soleil, regularly dip into this category for inspiration. The world is your oyster!



As part of a client brief, we so often hear “our guests are regular visitors to Thailand (etc). We don’t want any cultural performances as they have Been there, Seen that & Got the T-shirt“. What a shame! Yes, regurgitated “cultural shows” are spoon-fed to the mass tourism market from Bangkok to Beijing but our clients are not typically targeting “mass tourism”. Serve your audience something completely different!



If you production needs to be anchored to a particular country then choosing a “World Music” band, singer or musician will likely be exactly the formula you need. If your production is a more edgy & requires a very unique sound that is new to your audience then this is the perfect place to start & we can help you source the talent in Asia to fulfill your objectives. Cliched, but the boundaries are imagination only.



Defining the purpose of your production will help enormously in narrowing down the appropriate acts that can help fulfill your objectives & deliver the required messages. Genres & styles can be traversed, mixed, mingled, shaken & stirred but before doing so it is vital that all parties involved fully understand the objectives at-hand & what is required to surpass expectations.

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