Playing with Fire

Book the Playing with Fire act with OriGigs as a solo performer or group. Captivate your audience with a spectacle of dance, acrobatics, juggling & fire manipulation.

  • A Dancer, Acrobat, Juggler & Fire Manipulator. This act can be up-sized with more top class performers.
  • Has toured worldwide, been featured on TV (including BBC, Japanese NHK, Chinese ICN), performed for television commercials and live at big Festivals.
  • Has performed for Global Brands including NASA, Ferrari, Schwartzkopf & more.
  • Performs with Fire or Visual (LED) Poi. Logos and Branding can be incorporated into the act particularly with Visual Poi
  • Fully Certified for safe indoor fire manipulation.

Act Size

1 Performers

Set Duration

10 Minutes

Budget Range

US$500 - US$1,000 per Event

Performer Profile

Playing with Fire Performance

The “Playing with Fire” Act features acro-dance and juggling with fire manipulation, visual LED Poi and other props, either inside or out. Choreographed to draw your audience into the heat of the moment with rhythmic music and suspense, Playing with Fire has toured the world, been featured on TV, in TVC’s and Movies. Grabbing audience attention, it deals real WOW Factor.

Fire Dance

The 10 minute performance gathers momentum, culminating in a crescendo of pyrotechnics. Blending both fire and light, as well as acrobatic dance and juggling, the epic shows bristle with anticipation, adrenaline inducing suspense and excitement.

Visual (Pixel) Poi

Visual Poi, or Pixel Poi, exchanges fire with LED lit batons and is a perfect alternative for indoor events where fire is not allowed. Another advantage is that your logo (or any image) can be incorporated into the performance making it a unique opportunity to brand the performance or add enhanced messaging.

Custom Shows

Playing with fire can be customized to your event and theme, using either fire or Visual Poi or a combination of both. Visual Poi has the ability to indelibly brand the performance to your product, company or event.

Line Up / Set List

  • Blast It! An 8 minute solo act with pyrotechnics added for the ultimate finale.
  • Heart Therapy: A long established Duo performance of 10-12 minutes combining dance, double spinning and acrobatics. Pyrotechnics can be added for a big finale.
  • Group Act: 3 or more performers in a 15-20 minute epic with a big bang finale. Pre choreographed, lots of special effects. Number of performers can be increased / decreased.
  • Fire & Light Show: A 10 minute meddle of acrobatics, dance, martial arts, Fire poi and flow dance culminating in a finale of pyrotechnics.
  • LED Act: A 10 minute performance of LED Poi, LED Double Staff, acrobatics, dance and martial arts. Ideal for venues where fire is not permitted. Lots of branding opportunities within the performance.

Performance Safety

Safety is priority and this act has attended a series of courses with professional fire fighters to become fully certified in safe indoor fire manipulation including prevention of unnecessarily dangerous situations (risk mitigation) and rapidly responding to situations and accidents that may occur (to-date, the act maintains a perfect safety record).

Country Based: Czech Republic

Spoken Languages:

Czech, English



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Experience / Past Clients

Past Clients: NASA, Ferrari, BBC, IIT Bombay, Skoda Auto, Global Payments, Schwartzkopf, TV Nova, TV Prima, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Pegatron, AVON, Arval, Trancefusion, OVB, Allianz, ITV

Country Tours: Czech Republic, India, USA, Angola, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Ireland, GB, Switzerland, Italy, Malta, France and many other countries.

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