Tri Luminous LED Show

5 Reasons to Book

  1. One of the Leading LED Show Acts Worldwide.
  2. An Audience Magnet for any Event or Performance.
  3. Constantly Evolving with the Latest LED Technology.
  4. Featured in the “Got Talent” Series
  5. Design the Act with LED Bars, Pixel Poi, LED Sickles, etc to Visualize your Story.

Act Size

4 Performers

Set Duration

8 Minutes

Budget Range

US$3,500 - US$4,000 per Event

Performer Profile

Excite! The Tri Luminous Stage Show

High-Tech LED, Laser and Interactive Dance – Use the Act to Tell Your Story, Relay Your Brand Message, Instill Purpose!

The Tri Luminous Stage Show is one of the world’s leading LED performances and has and is an audience magnet for any event or performance. Combining the latest LED technology with props such as LED bars, pixel poi’s, LED sickles, etc, the stage show lights-up your event with style and take your audience into the future.

Amaze your audience, set the tempo with unique lightshow experience and communicate with your audience in a completely innovative visual way. Let us tell your story in a creative way and experience a glimpse into the future. Luminos is ideal for product launches, corporate events, trade fairs, gala dinners, shopping malls or city festivals etc.

Tell Your Story

Let us tell your story through custom choreography and light art. Remind your company’s history to all the guests in modern and highly creative way. Unique interactive connection between contemporary dance and digital custom-made animation which is created specifically just for you. Letʼs create strong and magical moments together.

Booking this Act The Tri Luminous LED Show

The Tri Luminous LED Show is available for bookings throughout Asia but as they are based in Europe their acts are subject to additional travel and accommodation expenses (hospitality rider). Where and whenever possible with acts coming into Asia, we will do all we can to secure more bookings for them whilst they are here so that hospitality expenses can be shared.

  • Price bracket is guideline only & excludes travel, accommodation, production fees etc.
  • Act can be highly customized & tailored to your company / brand with sufficient lead time.
  • Minimum 4 performers required for LED Dance show with Impact.
  • Standard Set duration is around 6-7 minutes but can be adjusted accordingly to your exact needs & requirements.
Country Based: Germany

Spoken Languages:

German, English



Act Gender/s:

Male, Female
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AUDI, BMW, Porsche, Hoffmann Group, Prudentical, Nestle, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Windows, Apple, Samsung, Budweiser, PepsiCo, Unilever, HP, SAP, Lufthansa, Emirates, Deutsche Bank, Augsburger Börsenbank, Mercedez, IKEA, Air France, Walmarkt, Saturn, MediaMarkt, IBM, Motorola, Nokia, Ethihad.

Diversity of VIP Weddings in India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark.

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Different Malls and Festivals around Europe.

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